How Much is a Stretch Limo to Hire?

If you are looking to traverse the city in the company of your friends or business associates and do not want anyone else crushing the ride, then a limo is your go-to option. Apart from the much-needed discretion, you will also enjoy security and convenience. Contrary to the misleading notion that limos are for the rich only, anyone can afford a limo service, despite their class and income. Among the many limo types to choose from, stretch limo is the most popular for a small group of people like friends. A stretch limo is simply an extended sedan that is converted to offer the luxurious services of a limo. Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz S Class, Hummers and Lincoln Continental are the main vehicles relied for stretch limos. 

Among the many concerns most people have, including our clients is how much it will cost to hire a stretch limo. Hiring a stretch limo ranges from $100 to $300 per hour. However, this cost estimate is subject to change, depending on factors like the type of limo, location, additional services, season, and rental duration.

Type of Limo

Due to the nature of the service, high-end luxury car models like Hummer, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Continental are relied upon. Bearing in mind that the cost of these car models is also different, cost of hiring these limos will also be different. Moreover, the kind of functionality and comfort features that each of these limos comes with, will also play a big role in advising their rental cost. The price will most likely start from the cheapest limo and increase to the most expensive amongst these three.

Additional Services

Extra services such as custom themes to match your event type will also play a role in the cost of hiring a stretch limo. Other demands such as specific refreshments, entertainment options, decorations, and special requests for instance red carpets and VIP service will attract more rental costs, above the range. Moreover, if you need the chauffer to pick and drop you and your friends at different locations, you should expect to pay way above the range. 

Season of the Year

The above-mentioned cost range of hiring a stretch limo is for normal seasons. However, for peak seasons like summer and Christmas seasons when events are so many, the cost will automatically go above the range. This is because in peak seasons, the demand for stretch limos is high and this makes the cost go up. Similarly, you should be prepared to incur more rental cost on weekends, compared to weekdays. A great hack of enjoying a reduced stretch limo rental cost is to schedule your event on a low season.

Rental Duration

Typically, most limo companies charge for rental cost of stretch and other limo types on an hourly basis. For a stretch limo, the cost ranges from $100 to $300 per hour. However, this cost range may increase if you need the limo for longer periods like the whole day. In this situation, some limo companies may be flexible to negotiate a flat rate for you.


The cost of hiring stretch limos differs from city to city and state to state. This is because costs increase with rising cost of living. For a city like NYC that is frequented by lavish lifestyle and parties, the cost range is higher, compared to other cities. The reason for this could be explained by the rising market demand for limos in such places. The cost range may also vary depending on the limo company of your choice.


Although not a requirement, some limo companies usually include gratuity in the rental cost. If the chauffer’s tip is not included in the rental cost, you may feel obliged to tip them after drop off. Sometimes gratuity may equal the amount you would be willing to tip the chauffer so it is always advisable to compare the two. To avoid surprises, it is always advisable to ask for disclosure of the full cost of the package. This is because different companies have different rental cost rules. 

Other unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation or delay of your ride will also determine the rental cost of stretch limos. In this understanding, it is always advisable to first call your provider and discuss the specifics of the cost of the package. When looking for stretch limo services in NYC, consider the outstanding services of Limo Star NY. We have some of the impeccable services in the industry at affordable fair prices.