Different Types of Limos in NYC?

Whether a luxurious night out, parties, corporate events, wedding ceremonies, family reunions or any other form of gathering, NYC has an array of limo services specifically suited to any event type. For a city famous for flashy lifestyle and unending parties. Being aware of the many limo services available can make your experience in NYC blissful. From vans, SUVs, sedans, classics, vintage, exotic, and luxury, the city of New York has many limo transportation solutions for every event type and capacity. This article talks about the wide range of limo services you can expect to find in NYC.

• Limo Vans 

Ample legroom, larger and comfortable seating areas as well as ample luggage space characterize these limos. Unlike other limo types, these lack popular luxury features like recliners and chilled bars. They are best suited for shuttling guests, and corporate staff moving from one point to another for instance between cities. In other words, they are simply super comfortable vans and shuttles with normal features. For this reason, they come in handy in shuttling tourists for sightseeing. They carry between 10 and 25 passengers. Common types of vans and shuttles are Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit.

• Classic and Vintage Limos

Historical vintage car models like Rolls Royce, Oldsmobile 98 and Classic Bentley characterize these limos. Their interior are in most cases restored to match the period in which the vehicle reigned, but is sometimes spruced up with some modern features for comfort and cutting edge functionality. With a capacity of between 2 and 6 passengers, they are ideal for introducing an elegant classy impression to events like weddings.

• SUV Limos

Simply put, these are SUVs converted into a stretch with high-end functionality interior features. Some popular features in SUV limos include an advanced sound system that encompasses Bluetooth, surround and soundproof systems. They also often include a mini bar where chilled beverages and snacks are served to passengers. They also come with comfortable leather seats and larger legroom. The windows are fully tinted with 3D screens for entertainment purposes. They are ideal for pulling up at luxurious night outs and other high-end elegant parties. SUV limos are popular with young celebs and the crew accompanying. With passenger capacity of between 12 and 20, Cadillac Escalade and Hummers are the most common SUV limo types

• Luxury Mini Bus Limos

With a capacity of between 20 and 50 and above, this limo service encompasses larger vehicles with cutting edge functionality features like restrooms, PA systems, WI-FI, and charging ports. Luxury and comfort is emphasized in luxury mini buses. They are good for transporting larger groups of people like wedding guests or tourists to attraction sites. They are also good for transporting larger group of corporate staff to business events like workshops and benchmarking.

• Sedan Limos

Simply put, these entail typical high-end sedans that have been converted into limos. Because of their small size, they have a capacity of between 2 and 4. They are best suited for business professionals, airport transfer and other situations that require discretion. Mercedes Benz S class, Lincoln Continental and BMW 7 series are some of the most common types of sedan limos that grace the streets of NYC.

• Stretch Limos

Stretch limos, just like the name suggests, are the extended versions of high-end luxury sedans like Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Continental. In addition to the extended carrying capacity of 6 to 12 passengers, innovative functionality and comfort features define them. These include; mini bars for chilled drinks and snacks, privacy partitions, ambient lighting, advanced sound systems, and comfortable leather seats. They are ideal for pulling up to a little formal event such as a weddings or prom.

• Exotic Limos

This limo service type relies on the use of high performance luxury car brands like Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini amongst few others. They are best suited for making a statement at events like weddings, high-end birthday parties and luxurious night outs. With a limited carrying capacity of 2 passengers, exotic limos can be a little pricy than other limo service types that you may get in the city. 

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