Limo Service For A Night Out: What You Should Know

A limo service offers a convenient mode of transport to and from night events or anywhere in town for the perfect night out. Whether you are planning on going to an event with friends, need a ride to the prom or wish to impress your date, there is nothing quite like arriving in style with a limousine.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Limo Service

If you plan on booking limousine service for a night out, here is what you need to know:

1. The Type of Limousine

The first thing you want to consider is the type of limousine you are booking. This includes the make and model of the limo and usually depends on the headcount. While no rules state that you can’t book a limousine for a smaller crowd, standard and larger stretch limousines are meant to accommodate larger groups and would entail a higher price. A luxury limousine rental is ideal for those who like the feeling of luxury and prestige.
If you are riding with your significant other or booking a limo for prom night and desire an intimate feel, it is best to opt for a short limo.

2. The Experience of Your Chauffeur

When you are planning on spending the night out, the last thing you should have to worry about are questions like, “Will we get there on time?”, “Are we going the right way?”, “Are we going too fast/too slow?”. Of course, these questions will never come to mind if you have an experienced chauffeur behind the wheel.

In short, you should always request a well-experienced chauffeur. Experienced drivers can expertly navigate traffic bottlenecks and know the best routes to take around the city so you can get to your destination in time, every time.

3. The Pricing & Pricing Model

When it comes to pricing, most people tend to value services with budget-friendly pricing. This may not always be the right choice. Undoubtedly, the best service providers do come at a premium. Ultimately, it depends on the type of service you are content with.

You further want to consider the type of pricing model available. Most services may offer you a choice between flat or hourly rates. A flat rate will include the service charges for taking you from point A to B; any stops in between will lead to extra charges. On the flip side, an hourly limo rental will charge according to the number of hours you use their service, including stops made along the way. Because of this, people prefer an hourly service when booking a limo service for a night out.

4. Additional Services

You may like to add additional services to your limousine ride to make the most of your night. Most limo services offer you champagne, wine, music players, snacks, and other services but may charge you separately for them. It is recommended to get a clear idea of what is included and what you have to pay for so you can have an enjoyable night out.

5. Draw Up A Written Contract

When you rent a limousine, always make sure you have a written contract drawn up, most of which are provided virtually these days. You should never rely on verbal affirmations over the phone. Only reputable companies will ensure you are provided with a written contract. Such companies can be trusted for their professionalism.

Additionally, a written contract will protect both you and the service provider when you book a limousine.

6. Find Out Their Riding Policies

As a final step, you should thoroughly review the riding policies of the limousine rental provider before booking a ride. This includes checking the grace period they offer (if any), the cost of additional services, liability charges, and more.

How to Book A Limo Service For A Night Out?

Once you select the limo service you will rely on, you can schedule your ride. Most limousine rental services will follow the same scheduling process.

  1. You will have to first select the limo (the make and model type for the night), sometimes enlisting your total headcount and the amount of luggage you may carry.
  2. You can then select your pick-up and drop-off points for the night or any additional stops you may make.
  3. Select the type of payment model you like, a flat rate for your ride or an hourly rate.
  4. Finally, select the date and time of your ride, and schedule your booking!

Where To Get A Reliable Limo Service in New York?

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