How to Go From LaGuardia Airport to JFK

It can be challenging to maneuver through the crowded airports of New York, especially for first-time visitors. Fortunately, travelers have various effective choices when connecting from LaGuardia (LGA) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Even though these two destinations are just 10 miles apart, it takes about 20 to 90 minutes to get there. Your time varies based on your selected means of transportation. However, it is crucial to make an informed selection to avoid missing your flight or cutting it too close. Whether you prefer speed, comfort, or cost-effective options, this guide provides you with the information you need for a smooth and anxiety-free journey from LaGuardia to JFK airport.


Unfortunately, there is no bus that links directly from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Nonetheless, combining different alternatives may result in a reasonably priced and effective transfer. First, go to Woodside Avenue/61 St. stop on the Q70 bus from your LGA terminal. This MTA bus costs around $2.75 when you pay with a MetroCard and runs around the clock. At the Woodside stop, transfer to the E or F train going towards Jamaica Center. This part of the trip will require a separate MetroCard swipe. When you depart, look for signs for the AirTrain; an elevated train system that links directly to the JFK terminals. Purchase an AirTrain ticket at the station and board the train that is traveling to the JFK terminal of your choosing. This combined journey usually takes about 60 minutes to one and a half hours based on traffic or wait times.


There are several cabs accessible at both airports, and each terminal has a properly defined taxi queue nearby. All you have to do is ask airport staff to give directions or just follow the signage. Metered rates normally range from $35 to $45, not including tolls and the required 15-20% tip. It may take about 30 to 45 minutes, based on traffic, even if it is faster than taking public transit. Those who prefer a hassle-free transfer or who have a lot of stuff when traveling find this alternative handy, especially during rush hour when public transit is packed. Never forget to allow for additional time in case of rush hour delays or inclement weather as it can affect your schedule.

Airport Shuttles

While there are several shuttle services that connect JFK Airport with LaGuardia (LGA), the New York Express Bus is reliable and easily accessible. This service leaves every 30 minutes and runs from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Once you have claimed your luggage at Terminals B, C, or D, locate the bus stop next to the ground transportation booth. Get on the New York Express Bus at the appointed stop and buy your ticket straight from the driver. Depending on traffic, the travel usually takes 60 minutes and costs around $17 per person. Keep in mind that this service is only accessible during the given hours, so plan appropriately, if your arrival falls outside this window.

Private Transfers

If you would like to travel in solitude, using private means offers a trouble-free trip connecting from LGA to JFK. They provide travelers a practical alternative to taxis and public transit. After scheduling a private transfer online or over the phone, you can be confident that a driver will be waiting for you when you arrive at LGA. Unlike metered taxis, private transfers offer a fixed payment up front, eliminating surprises. Many firms provide a wide range of cars, from SUVs, ideal for larger groups with more luggage, to sedans for single individuals. Instead of having to navigate new environs, you can rest and allow the expert driver to manage traffic between the airports. A private transfer from LGA to JFK normally takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic load. Being punctual is always a good idea even when using public transportation, since traffic delays can have a negative impact on your timeliness.

Timeliness is crucial in the hectic world of airport transfers. In addition to just getting where you are going, you also need to respect time to transfer from LaGuardia Airport to JFK efficiently. Arriving earlier to your destination guarantees smooth transitions and tranquility, regardless whether you are boarding a subsequent flight or beginning a much-anticipated adventure. When traveling, never forget that every minute counts because your journey transcends beyond a mere passage. It serves as an example of how crucial it is to honor commitments, adhere to schedules, and treasure the unique moments that comprise our travels.