How Far From JFK to Times Square

Times Square is a must-visit if you are in NYC. The bustling atmosphere, bright lights, and iconic billboards make it worthwhile. It also offers tons of entertainment and attractions in terms of Broadway shows, theatres, museums, and restaurants. In short, you are highly likely to have a blast in Times Square. One question that you might have if you are new in the city is the amount of time it might take you to get there. This article answers this question by giving the estimated time of arrival depending on various means that you might use.

Various Modes of Transport and Expected ETA

• Taxis

They provide an easy and direct means to get to Times Square. They are also easily accessible because you can easily find one upon arrival at the airport. They are the famous yellow cabs that you can locate with ease outside each terminal. They take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to get to the destination and cost approximately $50 to $70. Professionals who have a great understanding of the city’s streets and traffic patterns drive these taxis. Therefore, you can be sure that you are safe and well taken care of as you navigate the bustling metropolis.

• Ride Sharing Services

Services like Uber and Lyft also offer a great option to get to your destination. Once you get to JFK, all you need to do is get your phone out and request a ride sharing service. These apps give you a chance to connect nearby drivers and you should get yours in a couple of minutes. With so many options to choose from and ability to check driver reviews, this mode gives you a lot of flexibility and convenience while offering a great deal of safety. Similar to taxis, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes to get to Times Square. It will also cost you approximately $50 to $70. With this method, you get to pay using the app and can track your journey, ensuring seamless travel.

• AirTrain and Subway

If you are operating on a budget or looking to explore different parts of the city before getting to your destination, then you can this combination. When you get to JFK, you can easily access AirTrain, which is a dedicated rail system that connects you to different transit hubs. You can therefore use this system to get to Jamaica Station or Howard Beach Station, which will cost you around $8. From either of these two destinations, you can then transfer to the subway, which will cost around $3. From Jamaica Station, you can use the E line and from Howard Beach, you can use the A line. Each of these systems will get you to Times Square and will provide you with great accessibility and affordability.

• Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles operate to popular destinations in the city. Lucky for you, Times Square is one such common place that you can travel to using this mode of transport from JFK. You can book your seat before or immediately after arriving at the airport. This method is cost effective and you will get to enjoy other benefits like luggage carrier service, and amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Although a bit slower due to a couple of stops made during transit, they offer an excellent means that enables you to enjoy viewing the city in the company of other people. You can expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $25.

• Private Car Service

If you are looking for that luxurious and personalized service, then consider going for a private car service. It gives you the option to choose from a wide range of cars such as sedans, limousines, or SUVs. Although the service comes at a higher cost, you get to enjoy other amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, spacious interiors, a private ride, and the flexibility to add to your travel itinerary. In addition, private car services offer amazing door-to-door services, convenience, and comfort. If you are looking for a premium mode of transport to Times Square, going the private way will ensure you get to arrive in style. The cost you pay here will highly depend on the company and the package you decide to go for.

The distance from JFK to Times Square is about 16 miles by road. You can cover this distance to get to the magnificent destination using various means as explained in this article. Some modes like AirTrain and airport shuttle offer a cost effective option while others like private car service ensure maximum comfort in your transit. Therefore, we can conclude by saying that the method you decide to use will highly depend on your personal preferences and budget.